HR teams use allwhere to solve problems of the modern workplace

In a work-from-anywhere world, HR professionals are racing to create the right environment for their teams to thrive. allwhere helps you bridge the gap, bringing you curated solutions for your globally distributed workplace.

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90% of employees say their onboarding experience has an outsized impact on their long term perception of their employer

82% of knowledge workers think that employers should be doing more to improve the employee experience

Set your new hires up for success

Order pre-set or customizable equipment and kits for employees on all sides of your organization, ensuring a smooth transition to your team.

Win back productivity

Combine all your vendors into one place with allwhere’s dashboard, equipped with one-click solutions to save you time in your day-to-day.

Boost employee engagement

Expand your employee offerings with personalized perks and wellness programs, from meditation to mental health and more.

Ensure a cohesive employee experience

Quick and efficient onboarding and offboarding solutions, for whatever your team’s needs may be.

HR teams are talking about allwhere


“As an IT professional, my job is to deliver the hardware and software you need to do your job. allwhere makes it easy by understanding our business needs, end-to-end. It’s a complete lift off my side, and a fun, magical experience for our team.”

Joe Hurshman

IT Manager, Found


"Managing our procurement and logistics in-house was time-consuming and a headache, but allwhere has taken the onboarding time for a new hire from an hour to less than two minutes. From day 1, allwhere ensures that everyone on our team has the equipment they need to be successful.”

Byron Edwards

Spark Advisor, Co-Founder


"allwhere has been the solution to all of our logistical problems — and our swag as well. It allows us to focus on the work we have to do, rather than the logistics of how we’re going to supply equipment to our teams.”

Brenda Rodriguez

Director of People, Found


“As a startup, we have a need to be fiscally responsible. allwhere’s a la carte ability to create a package that uniquely works for us stands out. With one quick and easy email, allwhere gets our new hires excited to join us at Shipwell, and gives our employees access to productivity at a distance.”

Austin Davis

Employee Engagement Associate, Shipwell

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