The Dummy’s Guide to IT for the HR Leader

As teams have become more distributed, HR leaders have had to take on more and more IT-focused tasks like equipment procurement, onboarding, offboarding, and lifecycle management that are not part of their skill set. 

As a result, HR leaders are often overwhelmed with managing equipment and may not be able to focus on their real purpose: finding the best and brightest hires.

Sound familiar? You may not be an IT expert, but this article will give you the basics so you don’t disrupt your day constantly having to Google “how to [insert technical term]!”

Build a Procurement Policy

As soon as your new hire starts work, they need to hit the ground running, and they'll need technology to do so. Having a procurement policy in place will ensure they have an appropriately outfitted device on their very first day.

Consider whether buying, configuring, and delivering laptops and hardware in-house is the most cost- and time-effective use of your precious time. With so many other pressing tasks, is making sure a new hire’s laptop has the right software and access going to eclipse everything else and overwhelm your workload?

Hiring a third-party vendor to seamlessly deploy equipment to new hires may be a smarter solution. Working with a vendor with relationships with hardware and software providers may save you as much as 25% annually in equipment costs per employee.

And because they often have a wide network of reliable vendors with faster shipping times, as well as workflows and processes in place to streamline onboarding, your new employees can start work faster with the equipment they need to get the job done.

Leverage Zero-Touch Onboarding for Remote Teams

In addition to needing access to hardware and equipment, virtual new hires need the same onboarding experience that in-house staff gets, and that can be overwhelming to manage without the right tools and resources.

allwhere can not only get a new remote employee the equipment they need to start working, but also send them a welcome onboarding kit complete with swag to make them feel like part of the team.

Set Up Seamless Workflows for Offboarding

Not only are you swamped getting new hires set up, but you also have to think about what happens when an employee leaves the company. You have to deal with retrieving the physical assets as well as revoking access to company files, passwords, et cetera. 

allwhere provides easy and effortless laptop retrieval service with real-time tracking so you don’t have to worry about that remote employee having access to company hardware or software programs, nor do you have to hassle with creating a prepaid shipping label and getting the ex-employee a box to ship the laptop in.

Create a Disaster Recovery Plan

What happens if a key employee’s laptop goes on the fritz right before a big presentation? If you don’t have a backup laptop or have to wait a week to ship it off to be repaired, that employee loses valuable productivity time.

allwhere offers expedited equipment swaps, which save time not only for HR and IT teams, but also for the impacted employee and their team, too. With minimum downtime, your staff can keep chugging away.

Your role as an HR leader may have changed over the last few years, and you may now be juggling multiple IT tasks on top of your human resources responsibilities. This can impede you from being able to focus on what you were hired to do: scout great talent, hire them, and get them up and running in the company.

If you’re tired of juggling so many balls, there is a solution that can get you back on track to what you do best. allwhere is here to help you streamline onboarding, get your employees the equipment they need, and ensure that you never miss a beat because of faulty equipment. Click here to learn more.

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