Make your workplace a great place to work.

Every team looks different. We curate an experience that works for your company, so your employees can love where they work.

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The perfect setup for success

For distributed teams, the right equipment is key. We make sure you and your team are always prepared.

A man works in his home office. His setup includes two laptops and an extra montior.

Choose your own (equipment) adventure

Get your new hire excited to join by giving them the chance to choose their own supplies and accessories, from their laptop and phone down to their office furniture.

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Timely delivery

First impressions count, and a messy onboarding can get both employer and employee started on the wrong foot. We’ll ensure that your new hire’s complete setup is signed, sealed, and delivered ahead of their start date.

A woman signs for a delivery.
Your new mouse has arrived.
Your new mouse was delivered overnight. Feel free to dispose of the old one.

Overnight upgrades and replacements

When hardware fails, we step in with overnight solutions that ensure your team can keep their stress levels minimal and their productivity high.

allwhere dashboard showing device list.

Everything you need, all in one place

Employees can browse hardware, equipment, swag, wellness, and more, and employers can access real-time data on their team’s activity and habits. All in a custom-built store built with your company’s branding.

“allwhere allows our teams to design their own workspaces, which is not only fun for them, but saves time for us.”

Brenda Rodriguez

Director of People, Found

Little touches that make a big difference

We know employee experience goes beyond just hardware. We’ll help you go the extra mile.

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Individualized rewards

For company milestones, employee anniversaries, birthdays, or just to say “thank you,” send a one-off gift that’ll make your team feel special.

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Modern wellness

From massages to meditation, let your employees choose their own rewards — and give them the wellness add-ons they’ve always wanted.

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Curation support

Keeping up with workplace trends isn’t easy. If you’re stuck on what to offer your team that goes above and beyond, we’re happy to help.

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Custom swag

Make your company sweatshirt the best one yet. We’ll deliver swag your employees will be excited to receive and wear.

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Interested in bringing a heightened employee experience to your distributed team?

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