Episode 3: A New Era of Job-Seeking | David Fano (Teal)


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Today we’re joined by Dave Fano, who throughout his career has held positions as an architect, professor at Columbia, and the Chief Growth Officer at WeWork. Today, Dave is the CEO of Teal, a tool that helps job-seekers drive their careers with purpose — something that can only have positive effects for companies and team members alike.

In this episode, we chat about how to get tactical about job-seeking; how to effectively use AI in the recruiting process; and why the days of passively managing your career are over.

This episode was hosted by Ben Kessler and co-hosted by Veronika Kelemen. The music is Throwback by King Pong. This podcast is brought to you by allwhere. Learn more about how allwhere can help your team streamline procurement, logistics, and deployment at www.allwhere.co

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