Episode 7: The Evolution of the Future of Work | Oscar Mattsson (allwhere)


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Today we’re joined by our very own Oscar Mattsson, founder and CEO of allwhere. Prior to founding allwhere, Oscar was an early member of WeWork’s enterprise business, where he fostered his lifelong fascination with how the way we work impacts society at scale. In today’s conversation, we chat about the most common problems he hears from HR and IT leaders; what’s still being missed in the transition to flexible work; and where the office vs. home debate is really leading us.

This episode was hosted by Ben Kessler and co-hosted by Veronika Kelemen. The music is Throwback by King Pong.

This podcast is brought to you by allwhere. Learn more about how allwhere can help your team streamline procurement, logistics, and deployment at https://www.allwhere.co/

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