The Top HR Tech Tools of 2023

It’s no secret that HR can use all the help they can get. And in a world that automates everything from driving to actual conversations, why wouldn’t we trust software to support HR? It’s also no secret that preventing employee turnover saves companies thousands of dollars. In fact, U.S. businesses are estimated to lose a collective trillion dollars to voluntary turnover alone. 

In 2023, there are a myriad of HR tech options to choose from. But how does your company pick the best HR tech tools? We’ve whittled them down to the best in each class so you can equip HR from every angle: 


Human Resources Information System (HRIS): intuitive design and emphasis on culture

Bob (Hibob’s platform) was built specifically for the modern minimalist professional who wants to work with an advanced but streamlined interface. It’s known for its particularly intuitive flow and optimization for distributed teams. What’s even better is that their system adapts to unique HR processes, meaning that the progressiveness of your department's culture won’t get lost in an ancient configuration. And with community-focused features such as Clubs, Shoutouts, and Kudos, they support a friendly platform for new hires to familiarize themselves with. 

Used by: Slack, Workable, G Suite

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Employee Performance Management: emphasis on high performance

If winning is a core principle for your teams, Lattice is the most effective tool for measuring results. With customizable features for every aspect of performance reviews, it ensures feedback is clear and personalized. Then it provides comprehensive performance analysis whenever you need a bird’s eye view of your company’s people development. 

Used by: Asana, Robinhood, Slack

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People Analytics: HR through the lens of data 

Eqtbl lends a human touch to the world of data and people analytics. Their modern approach is sensitive to needs we’re especially concerned with such as DEI, engagement, and development. And with many companies facing difficult decisions regarding layoffs, we suggest using data to advise your decisions. 

Used by: Etsy, Chekr, WeWork

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Recruitment: scheduling interviews 

Nothing is worse than the back-and-forth of scheduling a call. Since we don’t all have assistants to handle that work, let Calendly be your guide. It integrates with your calendar and preferences so that the candidate you are connecting with has your availability and can schedule the meeting autonomously. Best part? It’s free. 

Used by: Dropbox, ebay, Compass

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For jobseekers: a tool to help offboard compassionately

One of the biggest challenges any HR manager will face is mass layoffs. When letting go of many people at once it is difficult to add your human touch. Teal is an excellent consumer-facing resource for HR to provide departing employees with; from a resume builder, job tracker, to a LinkedIn review tool, it’s a jobseeker’s best friend. Offboarding compassionately means taking care of your people on their way out as well as their way in. 

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Employee Experience Management: familiar and affordable software with templates designed for HR 

Monday took the software that marketing and sales teams have been used to and built out templates specifically for HR. They’re uncomplicated and user-friendly and, for many, already familiar. Which makes them a great choice if a big change isn’t desired. 

Used by: Canva, CocaCola, Lionsgate 

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HR Management System (HRMS): all-in-one HR management for mid-sized businesses

With HR data, ATS, payroll, benefits, compliance, expense reimbursements and time & attendance all under its belt, Namely really can claim to support HR across the board. 

Used by: Freightwaves, Affinivax, Vita Coco

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Culture Amp

Employee Management Software: focused on engagement, performance, and development

Culture Amp is a favorite because of its emphasis on, yes, culture. With an interface designed by scientists and organizational psychologists, it’s hailed as one of the most people-friendly platforms. One thing we love: it has a feature where employees can create and launch their own surveys. With Culture Amp, collaboration is key.

Used by: Canva, Oracle, Etsy

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Equipment management for HR and IT teams

With so many companies tackling HRMS, HRIS, and more, there are plenty of HR software systems to choose from. And while they cover many of HR’s needs, none of these perform the logistical necessity of actual equipment procurement and retrieval. allwhere uses best-in-class technology mixed with a dedicated operations team to make your digital request an IRL reality. Choosing the best software is only half the battle. When it comes to hardware, we have you covered. 

We’re used by: Patreon, Cameo, Namely, and more. 

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