Streamlined Onboardings

Streamlined Onboardings

Say goodbye to manual data entry, slow procurement processes, and delayed device deliveries.

Simple Employee Management

Simple Employee Management

Easily keep your employee data up to date, and know who has what, anywhere in the world.

Automated Retrievals

Automated Retrievals

Increase asset recovery rates with pain-free offboarding.



General Information



Integrating Bamboo HR with allwhere automates employee device procurement, management, retrieval, and storage globally. allwhere acts as your "IT Closet in the Cloud," centralizing device lifecycles from procurement to decommissioning. This streamlined, secure solution eliminates dispersed inventories, allowing IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives while efficiently handling employee devices.

One Unified Platform for Seamless HR

Disconnected systems, fragmented employee data, and scattered workflows breed inefficiency and extra work. BambooHR consolidates best-in-class HR solutions, capabilities, and integrations into a single platform powered by a unified data source.

Centralized People Data & Reporting

BambooHR serves as your command center for people data management and analytics, with the employee record as the core. Unlock powerful reporting and leverage data-driven insights to drive your HR strategy further.

Applicant Tracking & Onboarding

BambooHR empowers you to efficiently source, hire, and onboard top talent. The integrated applicant tracking system coupled with automated onboarding workflows deliver a streamlined candidate experience and structured new hire journeys.

Employee Engagement & Performance

Your people are your most valuable asset. Cultivating an environment for them to thrive is paramount. BambooHR equips you with tools to gauge employee satisfaction, gather feedback, and track goal attainment.

Payroll, Time Tracking & Benefits

Manage payroll, log hours worked, and administer benefits - all within BambooHR's unified platform. No more data re-entry or manual processes - just accurate, simplified payroll for you and your team.

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