Workday HCM is a cloud AI/ML-powered solution for workforce planning, talent management, payroll - helping organizations adapt and thrive in the future of work.

Streamlined Onboardings

Streamlined Onboardings

Say goodbye to manual data entry, slow procurement processes, and delayed device deliveries.

Simple Employee Management

Simple Employee Management

Easily keep your employee data up to date, and know who has what, anywhere in the world.

Automated Retrievals

Automated Retrievals

Increase asset recovery rates with pain-free offboarding.

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Integrating Workday with allwhere enables automating global procurement, management, retrieval, and storage of employee devices - your "IT Closet in the Cloud." This powerful combination streamlines onboarding and offboarding processes, perfectly complementing your HRIS. It centralizes device lifecycles from procurement to decommissioning, ensuring secure, efficient operations. IT teams can focus on strategic initiatives while allwhere handles employee devices seamlessly.

Transcend Traditional ERP Limitations

Workday empowers organizations of all sizes to swiftly adapt to a changing world by embedding AI into the core of its Enterprise Management Cloud. This cutting-edge platform enables companies to leave the constraints of legacy vendors behind and embrace a future-ready solution.

Lead the Future of Work with Integrated Finance and HR Applications

Unlike fragmented ERP systems, Workday offers best-in-class finance and HR applications with AI capabilities seamlessly integrated. This powerful combination enables organizations to make confident decisions faster, drive flawless business and financial operations, and empower their workforce for maximum performance.

Gain Agility through an Open, Extensible, and Configurable Platform

Change is relentless, and hard-coded, inflexible systems make it impossible to keep up. Workday's platform is designed to be open, extensible, and configurable, giving organizations the power to adapt as often as needed. With a system that automatically delivers the latest innovations, companies are always prepared for what's next—whether in finance, HR, or IT.

Experience Unparalleled Partnership and Support

Workday is committed to long-term partnerships, not just transactional vendor relationships. The company supports organizations every step of the way, from rapid deployment to working side by side to ensure lasting success. Workday's industry-leading 97% customer satisfaction rating is a testament to the effectiveness of this approach.

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