Okta securely connects people and technology, enabling access to applications across devices while enforcing security policies, integrating with existing identity systems and apps cost-effectively.

Streamlined Onboardings

Streamlined Onboardings

Say goodbye to manual data entry, slow procurement processes, and delayed device deliveries.

Simple Employee Management

Simple Employee Management

Easily keep your employee data up to date, and know who has what, anywhere in the world.

Automated Retrievals

Automated Retrievals

Increase asset recovery rates with pain-free offboarding.

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Okta Workforce Identity Cloud enables easy, secure workforce access, allowing you to focus on strategic priorities like cost reduction and enhancing customer experience.

Integrating Okta with allwhere enables automating global procurement, management, retrieval, and storage of employee devices - allwhere serves as your "IT Closet in the Cloud." This integration streamlines onboarding and offboarding processes, perfectly complementing your Employee Identity Solution. It centralizes device lifecycles from procurement to decommissioning, ensuring secure, efficient operations. IT teams can focus on strategic initiatives while allwhere handles employee devices seamlessly.

Unlock Identity as a Competitive Advantage

Empower your workforce, safeguard your organization, and accelerate growth with an identity-centric security solution tailored for today's dynamic workplace.

Provide Seamless, Secure Access for All Employees

51% of surveyed organizations cited Identity as "extremely important" to their overall security strategy. These firms leverage identity-powered security to deliver seamless user experiences while ensuring safety. Integrate Identity seamlessly across your security stack with capabilities like Okta's Risk Engine, FastPass, Workflows, and Directory Integrations.

Empower Your Dream IT Team

Focus on strategic initiatives by automating time-consuming tasks. Drive efficiencies across your business with User Lifecycle Management, low/no-code automation via Okta Workflows, and a unified identity governance solution.

Secure Access, Not Open Access

Deliver an exceptional user experience for your entire workforce – from day one. Enable secure, passwordless authentication and grant access privileges based on user context with Okta SSO, Adaptive MFA, FastPass, Device Assurance, and more.

Universal Identity for Your Distributed Workforce

Create streamlined access across your org to accelerate business momentum.

Universal. Comprehensive. Simplified. Reliable.

A powerful yet simple platform, customizable for any need, with 99.99% availability. That's the Okta Advantage.

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